We set off for My Tho after lunch at another typically not Vietnamese restaurant – it was packed with tourists as you can see …


We were shovelled onto a boat to travel up the Mekong.

I was a little alarmed at the size of the boat in comparison to the slim, delicate looking lady who was in charge of it and DH weighs in at quite a bit.


We visited various eco tourism sites, the coconut candy factory, rice paper making and bee keeping enterprise (I suspect they were drugged) in little villages alongside the river. Local ladies in traditional costumes sang for us while we were served local fruits. Yes, it was a bit touristy, but seeing how enterprises like this in Africa are providing employment in the rural areas, I’m all for supporting them.

I did mention that DH weighs a bit? Trouble casting off!


Next stop was a horse and carriage ride. I wanted to know what the man called his horse and he got very upset. I was led to understand they never name their animals here. Recently I read that using someone’s name was not on – the spirits could find them and cause harm.

Frankly this did not look too appetizing and it was pretty tricky to manage with chopsticks. Later, at another venue I was horrified to learn the elephant ear fish is an endangered species and there was one on every table.


Hmmm not my finest hour, there’s never a makeup artist around when you need one.



George II was 76 when he fell off his chamber pot and died. His grandson took over, calling himself George III, to avoid confusion because he had also been christened George but remember his name was really Fred.


Lots of things happened during this next reign, apart from the King going mad. Worried that the Americans drank too much coffee, the King kindly invited them to tea in Boston Harbour. This resulted in the Americans SELFISHLY deciding to rule themselves and so they went to war against each other.


I have been reminded that I seldom mention my books on this blog and I should, but I write it mainly for entertainment and to connect with my ethereal friends (that’s my description, isn’t it good?)

But just in case you wish to contribute in any way here are a couple of links.

Web page –

Amazon author page

I am planning to blog again this week as I have other news, but didn’t want to make this too long.


    • I think the people wer more laid back than in the north but you can sense that although the country is now united, they are not happy with rule from the north (only my perception mind you). Both north and south are scared stiff about China.

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      • There is still tension between north and south – and particularly between northerners and returning southerners. My friend’s husband was very aware of it when he worked there.


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