9 thoughts on “The Afternoon Video – Animals showing humanity to other animals

    • So true Ian, animasl have a lot more humanity than man himself. They seldom kill for fun, and they live in harmony with nature. Recently saw a programme explaining that giraffes are on the danger list!!! Who woujld ever have thought that would happen?


      • Sadly the pressures for food and land are such, because the people over breed, that any wild animal is now on the endangered list. Some, of course, more so than others. And whilst rich dentists from Minnesota or wherever can nip over to Africa and slaughter precious lions, just to be able to say they hunted the king of beasts, it won’t get any better. I would open up licences for hunting on the hunters, not the animals.

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    • If I ruled the world I’d ban all caravans and remove them from the road. At the same time I would abolish politicians, doing this by putting them in the caravans and pushing the lot off Beachy Head. It would do wonders for the British coastal shark fishing industry and get rid of two major problems in one go. 🙂

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      • Ha ha Ian 🙂 I would cut down the population drastically by banning all forms of baby creating for twenty years. I would make cutting down a tree an offence punishable by death. I would ban all motorbikes and cyclists on the roads as either they are noice pollutants or they get in my way on the switchback roads we have. And now, sine I’ve alienated every reader I might have had in the past I’d better shut up.


      • Noice pollutants? Is this a special Spanish variety?
        I agree about the cutting down of trees. the only variant to that would be I’d make the offender plant ten thousand trees, by hand labour, before being executed by impaling him or her on the one they cut down. At least them some good might come of it.
        Now, like you, I’d better shut up too. 🙂
        But I can carry on dreaming! 🙂 🙂

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