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Monday, 4 July 2016

Walking Over Eggshells – Book Review

This is a book that I believe the majority, if not all, parents would do well to read. It clearly, and uncompromisingly, depicts how a parent’s behaviour may impact on their off-spring for life.

Lucinda-72dpi-1500x2000.jpg NEW WOE

Lucinda Clarke is an excellent author whose writing carries you along with ease. She incorporates humour along with distress; emotions with thoughts, clear headedness with uncertainty and so on. Her writing is so smooth that there were occasions when I had been surprised by how many years had passed in the tale; there are the occasional references to age which establish the chronology.

Now, how much to tell you? I do not want to spoil it for potential readers by outlining too much. This is the author’s own story. I would call it an autobiography but many follow the modern trend of referring to all such works as a memoir. However, this book does encompass, in chronological order, a substantial proportion of the authors life.

We start with Lucinda when she is but a very young child. There is the amusing yet sad account of how at three years of age she packs her little suitcase and leaves home. This opens up to us the underlying river of emotions, abuse (mostly mental) and self-doubt that underpins the whole story and most of Lucinda Clarke’s life.

We read about the author’s battle to get away from home; to escape from abuse; to be her own person; to obtain further education from the places of her choice; to get to know the opposite sex. Then there is her marriage to a man who would prove unreliable and dishonest but whom she loved. Lucinda’s life subsequently takes a path that would lead to many adventures; wealth; poverty; civil unrest; etc., most of which occur in a variety of different African countries where her husband initially found employment. But then comes a time when she has to fend for herself and her daughters in countries that hold women in low regard. This is where her remarkable abilities come to the fore and, despite the years of being, and consequently feeling, undermined, she discovers abilities that surprise not only her but also us. That is how much she draws you in to the tale with her excellent writing. You feel with Lucinda; the joy of success; the fear of destitution; the fear of homelessness; concern for her children; how to make ends meet; the turmoil of deciding what action would be for the best. And all of this is without any of the support that should have been hers. Many of us have lived through difficult times but I would suggest the majority have taken for granted there will be some support from relatives, friends etc. but not for Lucinda. I am able to empathise as for most of my own life I have also had to go on without the support structure so many take for granted.

I think this must be where I stop. As said I do not wish to spoil the read for others.

As most of my readers know I believe in applying book ratings accurately (see here for further information). Lucinda is indeed an excellent writer; the style, flow and accuracy really do carry you through with ease and comfort without detracting from the intenseness of the dramatic moments. I am going to take the unusual, for me at least, step of allocating five stars. In my opinion the author, and this book, merit it.

Fairly recently the author changed the book cover to the one you see above. A cover that I think will draw new readers and help them empathise with the author right from the start. However, many readers will know it by its original cover. Therefore, to avoid confusion, for them, I have added that original cover here.

Walking Over Eggshells is available in paperback and as an e-book.

Amazon.com                  Amazon.co.uk

You may be interested to know I, some while ago, also reviewed the author’s book Amie: An African Adventure. If you would be interested in reading that review, please click here.

Posted by T. R. Robinson at 07:01

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  1. Pam Ferrari4 July 2016 at 23:13Reply
  2. As authors we often wonder if reviews of our books convert to sales.

    As reviewers we wonder if our review has help a fellow author.

    Your excellent review and encouraged me to purchase the Kindle edition of ‘Walking on Eggshells’. I also know that if you rate a book 5 stars then it has to be a good read.

    Thank you for supporting fellow authors through your reviews.

  3. T. R. Robinson5 July 2016 at 09:54Reply
  4. Replied via Gmail but it is not showing up. Apologies if this ends up publishing twice.

    Hope you enjoy (not sure that correct word) it as much as I did.

    Lucinda has just let me know the review has resulted in some sales. So pleased for her.

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