If you like a good, old fashioned adventure story along the lines of Wilbur smith, then why not try Amie an African Adventure while the price is low?

From 14th – 19th June  at $0.99  0r £0.99  the Big A permitting 🙂

Chosen by three authors as a recommended read at the end of last year and #18 in the best self published books of 2015.

When Amie arrives in Africa she’s not too happy, but when your husband’s work demands it – what choice did she have?

All goes well for a while and then civil war breaks out. Soon she is on the run and fighting for her life as she sets off across the African bush in a desperate attempt to survive.

With the immediate danger over, Amie shuffled into a sitting position. She was still not sure whether to approach the colonel, he had never shown any empathy towards her, but the decision was taken away when he turned his head and saw Amie. He walked over to her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. That’s the second time I’ve been asked that thought Amie.

“I was in town, and the…. er….” what should she call them, soldiers, rebels? “There were explosions and I drove home but there was no one and I can’t find any of the other foreigners and then I was stopped in my car…”

  “They have all gone, left before the airport was closed.”

“My husband, Jonathon, did he get out, has he gone!” Amie felt frantic, was she the only foreigner left in Togodo?

“The evacuation was very efficient,” stated the colonel, “we know how to deal with these filthy rebels and we do not intend for them to hurt our foreign workers.”

The relief that swept through Amie was enormous. She was safe, the colonel would not let any harm come to her. He had enough sense and intelligence to realize it was not in the best interests of his country to murder foreign workers. It made sense he would get Amie repatriated as soon as possible, maybe by boat, if the airport was closed.

She took a deep breath and was just about to thank Colonel Mbanzi not only for saving her life, but for making sure she was safely out of the country, when he suddenly seemed to grow larger, fly off the ground and disappear.

I’m hallucinating was her first thought, but then she realized that from out in the darkness, someone had aimed a weapon and annihilated her rescuer. Amie watched, as if in some horror film, bits of what had once been Colonel Mbanzi flew in all directions. She slithered backwards, keening softly to herself. This couldn’t be happening to her. She was going mad and so was the rest of the world.

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