…Authors–caveat emptor re book-selling websites–the final report makes for sorry reading…

Food for thought. Any comments?

Seumas Gallacher

…I promised yeez a round up summary of my recent dabble with book-selling websites… and the final report makes for sorry reading… let me back up and explain for emb’dy coming in fresh to this… as a self-published author, I’m always keen to find and develop non-spamming channels to help sell my wee literary  masterpieces… Aunty Internet is full of enterprising offers, at a cost, of course, with various claims of daily email shots to anywhere up to 120,000+ readers, clustered in genres, in order ‘to target and maximise your sales to these avid followers’... well, in good ol’ Scottish vernacular… BORROX!!… here’s the score:

Website ONE:

Paid US$ 15—Result 2 sales

Website TWO

Paid US$ 16—Result 2 sales

Website THREE

Paid US$ 50—Result 1 sale

…impressive, NOT… in truth, I hadn’t expected massive downloads from this, but the sheer sparseness of the returns is mind-boggling… and…

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2 thoughts on “…Authors–caveat emptor re book-selling websites–the final report makes for sorry reading…

  1. I have increasingly come to a similar conclusion though never had the means to invest in promotions like these. So where do we go from here? In all honesty I feel reduced to just ‘hoping’ the right person (who ever that may be) see’s my books and takes an interest. Of course, we must guard against discouragement but it does get harder. Nevertheless, we would not have written our books if we had not felt them worthwhile or that we had something valuable to share. We must not deprive society by withdrawing from the battle to be noticed. Where would we be if our predecessors had done the same (WW1; WWII). Can you just imagine?! Publishing our books would have definitely been out of question. We have much to be grateful for. Let us rejoice in that and continue to share our treasures with others whether we obtain multiple sells or not.


    • I know that I published Walking over Eggshells and in a year I made maybe a dozen sales. I had no Facebook, had never heard of Twitter nor any other social media site. I’m sure these have been the source of many of my sales and it’s great to make friends at the same time. 🙂

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