Have You Ever Wondered How British People Speak?

Just in case you need a reminder of how the British speak. Which category do you fell into to?

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English may be one of the hardest languages to speak, but I often find that it’s the accents of those who speak it that can make it even harder to understand despite being an English speaker myself.

British Flag - The Union Jack Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Watch this humorous video and discover how people in different parts of  Great Britain speak. You may need to log onto my blog to view the video.

Sometimes, even the different words us British use to describe something when talking to each other can cause confusion. That’s a post for another day.

Do you ever have problems understanding accents?


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6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered How British People Speak?

    • I confess to preferring standard English. I don’t mind accents, but it’s the bad grammar that gets me, and the ignoring the ends of words. You are particularly aware of this when you work on radio. You almost have to clip the ends of each word. This caught my eye as I’ve just written a new book where I write in the accents (totally forbidden when you write scripts) – well I had to make Cinderella sound common yes? she was after all, from the wrong side of the tracks. 🙂

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