We flew from Hong Kong to Perth Australia via Singapore. Looking at a map this seems a ludicrous roundabout route but that’s airlines for you. We had a short stay in the transfer lounge in the middle of the night and it was very, very quiet so I noticed the acres and acres of pristine carpet – and have you observed their carpets never seem to look worn out or shabby or go into holes? If we ever need to put carpets in our house, I shall ask for ‘airport quality.’



Christmas and New Year was the time for family and there were two extra highlights.

Living in Africa all those years I know you don’t encounter lions and elephants in the main streets – in fact you have to look very hard to see anything very much in the game parks. But I thought Australia would be different – maybe koalas are a bit shy, but kangaroos? And what about the odd emu?

Every time we went out in the car I strained my eyes. Lots of signs for kangaroos, fooling silly visitors into thinking they would be hopping across every road. But there was not a single animal in sight.

I was getting pretty desperate as the days passed, and even a huge highlight as such….












..yes, that’s me!! In the co-pilot’s seat having a quick flip over Perth … wasn’t quite enough to stop me worrying.

We went to stay with friends up north and I was ecstatic to hear that kangaroos came into their garden every night. They put water out for them but they were wild, so it was the next best thing.  They were incredibly shy whereas I thought they were quite pushy creatures ready to barge past you if you got in the way.


OK, the koalas were in a kind of sanctuary and there is one in the picture somewhere.


And we went to visit these rather phallic stones out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, no one can agree what caused them to be these interesting shapes.


After a few weeks it was time to fly north again and the first leg to Vietnam was via Kuala Lumpur. Due to a slight er, mix up on DH’s part we were served 2 meals on the flight.

Can you imagine it? It’s bad enough on a plane with one meal with all its little boxes and cartons and plastic containers and cutlery and paper hankies and fresh wipes but two – each!! We looked like an occupied rubbish dump before we were half way through.


And then we landed at Kuala Lumpur around midnight for our lay over – in the airport. I could go shopping – maybe. I was already up to 19.2 kg luggage weight, but I’d had a sneaky peep when DH weighed his case and he had a measly 14.8 kg. I’d slip in stuff when he wasn’t looking.


Queen Sarah would never have had to spend a whole night in an airport to save some pennies on air fares. You’ve not heard of Queen Sarah of England? Before you rush off to Google, she wasn’t listed in the history books as a queen, but she ruled England, Scotland and Ireland for most of the time that Queen Ann was on the throne – and I should know I’m doing a history presentation on her right now – a serious one with correct dates and all!

Sarah was born Miss Jennings, so didn’t she do well for herself as she ended up as the Duchess of Malborough.


Sarah Duchess of Malborough

She hooked up with Ann when the latter was about 10 and she was a terrible bully. She told the princess, and later queen, exactly what to do. She was rude to her and really nasty, but Anne was a placid little thing and as she liked to keep the peace she did exactly what Sarah told her to. Ann much preferred to sit around on her throne, nibble sweets, drink chocolate, play cards and get pregnant.

Bit by bit Sarah asked for more and more and more and she had a good reason to turn the screws as she was married to quite a clever guy who liked killing people.








  1. We’re doing this big trip at breakneck speed! I’d have liked a bit more time in Australia, if you please.

    I have just seen you featured on Britney Sahin’s blog so have liked, commented and tweeted it – cos I’m nice like that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My parents had neighbors (down the road a ways) that raised Emus. Every so often, one would get out and Mom would meet him/her on one of her walks, up close and personal. My mother said it was a bit unnerving to be so close to such a large bird/beak!

    Love your travel journal & wonderful photos! Keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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