You may have noticed that I rarely talk about my books and try and flog them on my blog site.  So this is an extra blog just to tell everyone that I am shortly going to publish book #6.

If you have ever read any one of my biographies you will be aware that I have written about subjects as diverse as splitting the atom, health, investments, advertisements, mayoral speeches, set books in English literature, rural life in Africa and toilets in townships. The list is endless, and even I can’t remember all the topics.

I hold the view that writers should be capable of writing anything, in any genre for any media.

Why all this blurb? Because my next book is something entirely different.

In 1989, when it was almost complete, I put it under the bed and it has remained there until late last year. Why? Firstly I didn’t have time to write for my own pleasure – too busy writing for clients. Secondly, a film called Shrek was released and I was not going into competition with Hollywood – ha! Guess who would come out worse?

So this is a preliminary warning for any readers, who may notice and read this blog, that the latest offering is a politically incorrect political satire set in Fairyland – think Tom Sharpe, The Carry On films or the Black Adder series.

The cover picture might give you a clue.


And the back blurb

Fairyland is in chaos. Cinderella is desperate to divorce Charming – Snow White and Harold quarrel constantly about his whoring and drinking – nymphomaniac Beauty has worn her husband out. There’s a dearth of available princes, an overabundance of princesses and the time for the Grand Royal Annual Ball is approaching. Into all this, comes the Green Giant, bent on rousing the downtrodden and illiterate peasants to revolt against their royal lords and masters.

And even this hint inside the front cover:


This book is not suitable for children, nor is it recommended for adults who are of a gentle or nervous disposition. The opinions as stated by the characters are neither politically correct, nor in fact even kind or considerate. The author takes no responsibility for their appalling actions. It should be remembered that it refers to a time before the new laws about correct speech were promulgated. No offence is intended to any race, gender, creed or belief of any persuasion, and as such this narrative should be treated as a work of fiction.

I’m hoping to publish at end of this month or in April and I plan to upload to Amazon as a pre-order.

Should this not be a book for you, don’t panic. I will be starting Amie 3 just after Easter, sitting at my pc waiting for her to tell me what to write.







  1. Love, love, LOVE the preamble to this ‘Fairytale’. I think your Cover says it all.

    I have ‘insider knowledge’ of this book – No! I don’t mean I’m in it …heaven forbid! – but I do happen to know that it is incredibly funny.

    So come on folks, book your copy as soon as it’s available.


    • Wow thanks Ann that is so nice to hear 🙂 I shall be a pest and ask you for an honest review when it goes live. Also, reblog and share, please, please. I left that out, along with leaving all the tags off duh!


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