Author Talk with Lucinda E. Clark

Don Massenzio was kind enough to interview me. And that’s not the reason I bough his book ‘Blood Orange’ today, but because I enjoy his books. 🙂

Author Don Massenzio

Welcome to the 2nd featured interview on my blog. Today, author Lucinda E. Clark is featured. I posed a series of questions Lucinda so that she can tell us about herself and her wonderful work. Lucinda has had powerful personal experiences and an interesting career both of which she draws upon for inspiration. Please join me in thanking her for sharing her story with us.

DM: What is the title and genre of the book you want to tell us about?

LC: I’d really like to tell you about all of them, and this is difficult as I’m just about to publish book #6 and they fall into 4 separate genres. There is the partly serious one about my mother who had a personality disorder, and two light-hearted memoirs in the Truth, Lies and Propaganda series about my career in the media. But I guess I should focus on my…

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