Readers’ Favorite Awards. Behind the Scenes with Duck Tape

Jana Petken

I’m always being told, “You must write more blogs, Jana. People will never read your books if you are not active on your website. You will be forgotten.”

“Okay dokey,” I say, “But what do my readers really want me to talk about?” Well, today I think I’ve found something that I think might tickle your fancy.

guardianofsecretswithawardThe Readers’ Favorite Awards in Miami were truly amazing. I had a wonderful time and meeting other authors and their guests was definitely the icing on the cake – But my biggest adventures were not the Awards ceremony or my stay in Miami. It was the journey from Spain to Miami, and the terrible and hilarious faux-pas with my outfit.

From Barcelona – Miami there was a 4 hour delay. Okay, I thought, these things happen, I will just have to make the best of it. Just before we left the stand, the captain apologised, saying that someone…

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