The Very Talented, Lucinda E. Clarke

Jana Petken

Today I’m welcoming another favourite Indie Author of mine. The very talented, Lucinda E. Clarke is a hard hitting writer, who doesn’t sugar coat her stories. She’s certainly a name to be reckoned with, with her fantastic books about Africa.

Here’s a little peek at Lucinda. Her life, and her books.

613EmclG+tL__UY200_Lucinda’s life has not been boring. She was born and raised in Dublin, dragged into her teens in the Cotswolds and finished off in Liverpool. She has lived in 8 different countries, in a croft in Scotland, a mansion in Libya, a farm in Botswana, a boat in South Africa and other dwellings in between.
She dutifully trained to be a teacher, despite bleating she wanted to be a writer. She worked as a radio announcer in Benghazi and then, years later, after being from her teaching job, she crashed out in an audition with the words “Go home…

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