Christmas Grotto 2015 – No More Mulberries by Mary Smith

A great book to add to your TBR list

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Christmas GrottoThe featured book today is a perfect gift for those of us who enjoy travelling but perhaps might be reluctant to explore the more isolated regions of the world. Whilst we might be hesitant about visiting Afghanistan, can you imagine living there? We rarely see beyond the headlines and the stories of conflict in the country and that is such a pity as we miss out on all the vibrant culture and traditions behind the scenes. Judging by the many glowing reviews for No More Mulberries this book is a must read.


About the Book

Scottish-born midwife, Miriam loves her work at a health clinic in rural Afghanistan and the warmth and humour of her women friends in the village, but she can no longer ignore the cracks appearing in her marriage. Her doctor husband has changed from the loving, easy-going man she married and she fears he regrets taking…

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