Well it’s Monday morning and time for me to write a brilliant, witty and side splitting blog – well OK you might have other ideas, and so does my brain. It is indeed a small miracle that I have anything to type up this blog, as laptop, plus cables, nearly went over the balcony yesterday. What with Chrome freezing up and the new Windows 10 deliberately hiding all my own settings, and a new safety programme giving me irritating little pop ups that obscured the post button on Facebook – which then froze up all by itself.

WIN 10

Don’t you just wish those irritating techies in their parkland surroundings in America would just back off and stop changing things? It’s what they do all day.


“Yeah!” They exclaim. “It’s about time now those old wrinklies have finally got to grips with Windows 7 or 8, so let’s throw them a curved ball. Where can we hide their favourite icons and buttons? Oh, go on, let’s change the whole programme, that will raise their blood pressure.”

So while I scribble this rubbish, I have yet to open the browser and see what appalling problems I get today.

I was waiting last Friday with bated breath for Her Majesty to remain healthy over the weekend so she would qualify as the longest reigning monarch on the British throne.  She made it, and I suspect it will be a couple of hundred years before that record will be broken. I was imagining her in Buckingham palace slurping champagne (no, she wouldn’t slurp would she, just sipping in a gentile manner) toasting herself, and thinking ‘this one’s for you Victoria.’

Have the sound on…

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It’s a little unnerving watching the aging process (both in this and in the mirror) since it happens to us all. Only a little over 3 minutes of very clever work. The Queen…click on below…go full screen – it told me there was an error when I tested it but by hitting the learn more button it played.

Click here: Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (morph sequence) -Safeshare.TV

Well let’s hope that gets into wordpress. It’s just crashed my internet.

Further back in time, they were not expecting to live quite as long, although Charles II probably had a very good try. He was having such a good time, well wouldn’t you, if parliament had chopped your Daddy’s head off? It was quite enough to give him nightmares. But it was his wife who was in danger this time. Catherine of Braganza came from Portugal and was a Roman Catholic – not a healthy choice of religion at that time in Britain.  Her life was threatened by Titus Oates, but Charles protected her.


Now in those days Sleezy Jet and Ryan Air did not fly to Portugal, so Catherine had to make the long, long journey by coach and ferry. They’d run out of food at the coach terminal and the bar on the P & O Dover/ Calais crossing was shut, so the moment she landed on English soil, she was so exhausted, she asked for a quick cup of tea.

t cupThe English hadn’t the faintest idea what she was talking about, so she had to make the cuppa herself!  Thus Cathy became the unofficial saint of the tea cup and started a trend with which we are all familiar today. The cure for all British ills, a ‘nice cuppa tea’.

So what did the English drink at that time? Beer, mead, water, more beer, whisky, beer and more beer.

Charles passed lots of new laws, such as the one where everyone had to pay money to the king and then forget about it, and no one should be closer than five miles to anyone one else and the Corporation Act which said that everyone should be fat, except for Nel Gwyn.

But all was not well in the royal household as far as heirs went. Poor Catherine had three miscarriages and so Charles looked elsewhere. More about them next time.


  1. My OH works in computers and he HATES Windows 10. Most of his customers want it then most of them want to go back to Windows 7. I have no idea (neither does he) why the geeks feel compelled to keep changing things. Well, I can understand them wanting to change things but why do they always make everythng more complicated? Use to be if I wanted to open a new document I clicked once on the ico and there it was – now it takes three clicks to get a new document open on the screen. Why? See, you’ve hit my rant mode button!

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  2. Yes, I thought it was good. Years ago we did a simple one in the studio and we had to manipulate it frame by frame (25 frames a second in Pal) and it took several days. Now you line up the pics in frame and press a button.


  3. Reblogged this on cuppajoeandthou and commented:
    Brilliant! I loved reading this. Lucinda E. Clarke is someone with whom I would so enjoy being friends with! You brightened my day, Lucinda dear 😉 Bless you. (still enjoying a good laugh as I go off to make lunch and rescue my grandson from his swing…maybe not in that order)


  4. Funny as ever, Lucinda. Thanks for all the history lessons. Pity, I couldn’t watch the video because of the GEMA (no idea what that stands for, but they prevent us here in Germany from watching many videos; it’s to protect the musician’s royalties).


  5. I was a morphing of Queen Elizabeth from baby hood to the present. It’s good to know that at least one government wants to protect artists though. I think the music used was out of copyright as well, shame. 😦


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