Why did I ever think it would be a good idea to write a blog on a Monday morning? Is it because I know that yesterday was called Sunday and my brains would turn to mush the following morning?  It’s not as if I never write on a Sunday, I often do and the other six days of the week as well.

A little about the progress on the HUGE trip. I do understand that you are not the slightest bit interested but I’m going to include it anyway. We have now got as far as Perth, I think via Singapore. I know I chose more meal options and I’m praying that their teriyaki chicken is not too hot. So, on paper we are now set to spend Christmas down under with DH’s family, but  then we stall. DH wants to go to Sydney and drive up the east coast of Australia.

“Why?” I ask.  There is no reply.

“What is there to see or do for 2,420 kilometres in an air conditioned car in the blazing heat?”  Silence.

To my mind you can only see just so many kangaroos right? You can even get blase about dozens of cuddly koala bears. I’m all for pushing on to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and all points north west of Perth. This will be our one and only HUGE trip, we don’t have that big a budget after all – unless the world goes mad and starts buying my books by the million. Am I expecting that? Hardly! Did the Titanic fly? Watch this space.

A serious bit now. I would like to give a mention to this book by Margaret Eleanor Leigh as I really enjoy her  style of writing.

NOW ON COUNTDOWN 99c/99p June 26 -30
“Write anything about this and you will not leave Greece alive…”
Only a rash outsider would dare interfere with Greece’s illegal trade in women. Meet Agnes Jones, she’s very rash indeed…
Fictional story, factual scenario.
Link to Amazon USA:
Link to Amazon UK:
“Intense story with an unexpected twist. This was completely different from the books I have read and with the landscape of Greece it made for intriguing suspense story. Look forward to seeing what this talented author writes in the future.”
“A really well-written, clever story. Is there anyone in Greece Aggie can trust? There are so many twists to this story and if I say too much, I will ruin it for you.”
“This is the second book I have read by Margaret Eleanor Leigh, and I liked it even better than the last one. It was a great read and I particularly enjoyed the language, phrasing and the clever descriptive pieces which come with a touch of humour. I really liked those! Also the story moved quickly and did not linger for hours on minute descriptions of one flower. A good book for a lazy afternoon, that will entertain you and keep you engrossed. I shall be buying all the other books by this author.”

On Friday I will be sharing a guest blog from John Hennessy, as right now, Elizabeth is waiting in the wings to make another appearance. And here she is.


This is known as the Ditchley portrait, and personally I think a quick trip to SpecSavers would not have gone amiss. Did she really have a waist that small? Sadly history does not recall what she said to him, but I guess she must have been pleased or she would have set fire to the canvass and chopped his head off for making her look somewhat deformed.

But that was not all Elizabeth had to worry about. Oh no!!

North of the border lived a great nuisance called Mary Queen of Scots. She had lots of husbands, including the king of France, Cardinal Ritzio and Boswell, who was blown up on the staircase at Hollywood  House.


This is an early portrait.


While this is a more casual photograph of her after a busy night with one of her husbands looking a little disheveled.


And this portrait shows her getting on a bit.

The knights over the border imprisoned her in Loch Ness, but she escaped and fled to England where Elizabeth first looked after her, but when she became even MORE tiresome, had her head chopped off.

I don’t blame Elizabeth for this at all. Since Mary had been married to the King of France, she had too many airs and graces with ideas far above her station and a tiresome brat of a son. However, she might have been persuaded to allow Mary to live in the comfort of a dungeon in the Tower of London, but then a court official drew her attention to the fact that Mary had way more Facebook friends, likes and followers than Elizabeth, so of course she had to go.

Next time we return to the love of Elizabeth’s life. Have a great week.

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