Who is the spoiled brat? Me! Have you noticed any difference on this blog? It’s not red anymore, it’s gone blue, it has little buttons to press to take you to other pages and the links to all my books lead you straight to them.  I have Erika Szabo to thank for all her hard work, she is very nice and patient with techie idiots like me. Tom Benson also helped to get my web page working, so I am one lucky spoiled brat. Thanks so much to both of you.

We have a winner for the ‘spot the deliberate error’ competition and it’s Ann Patras. She noticed that I told you that Queen Mary had lots of heads chopped off for not being Catholic and then also mentioned she was desperate to leave a male Protestant heir on the throne.

She has chosen to receive More Truth, Lies and Propaganda, but it wasn’t quite as simple as that. Between us we spent about 2 hours last night trying to get it from me to her. Because of course we are both technical experts it took some fiddling, then a bit more fiddling and it might even be on its way as I type this.

I’m a little distracted this morning as DH is planning our HUGE trip at the end of the year. He’s working on the flights to start with, and so far it seems we will be about three solid weeks in planes of varying sorts. He is now swearing and cursing as he battles with airline sites which do not like his card, the colour of his lap top or the fact he is in Spain and wants to book in English. We got as far as choosing our meals and snacks on one leg yesterday before the whole thing crashed out. He is not a happy bunny right now. (And yes we did have another slight hiccup on our last trip – but I may share that with you another time). We seem to have these little problems every time we leave the house.

Progress! We are now booked from Madrid to Hong Kong. DH is all smiles again. Hopefully he will be able to find a flight out or I will be blogging from there.

I’ve had a request for pics of African animals to make this blog more interesting so here is a rhino


But on with the serious stuff now so I can eulogize over my favourite queen, which means she was the best queen ever – simply because I say so. She had red hair, and I like red hair. We share a birthday month and she was very smart, and I am… let’s not go there right?

queen liz 1

Now she had a boyfriend of sorts, though she was a very chaste lady of course I won’t hear a word said against her. His name was Sir Walter Raleigh, and he made bicycles in his spare time when he wasn’t in attendance at court.


Elizabeth would often send him out for groceries and he loved her so much he went all the way across the Atlantic to fetch her tobacco and potatoes. As you can see, he wore very nice expensive clothes.

sir waltar 2

But that didn’t matter, as he was prepared to whip them off and lay them over puddles every time the Queen went out in the rain. As it rains a lot in England he was often to be seen hopping around practically naked, trying to avoid frost bite in awkward places. But he didn’t mind as long as his beloved did not get her feet wet. How romantic is that!

Next time we learn about the nuisance north of the border.


  1. I’m always happy to read your blog, Lucinda. Happy to see you got help in the marketing area. It’s such a learning curve, isn’t it? Where on earth is Kong? I could really look it up. There’s a Cong in Co. Mayo, but I’m sure that’s not your destination. Okay, I looked it up, Johannesburg, right? Why didn’t Sir Walter Ralley go on his bicycle to get the groceries???


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