While everyone tells me that WordPress is one of the easier sites to use for my blog, and I am slowly, very slowly, beginning to find my way around, there is one thing that continues to puzzle me. Who is reading it? In one place the statistics tell me I have over a thousand followers, but I they get that figure by adding the totals of my Facebook friends and my followers on Twitter. This post will push through to both places, but I have no idea how many people click on the link to read it.

Since a few people do comment on the contents, and for that I thank you, the statistics WordPress inform me about the number of readers do not match. Were there only two people, one in America and one in England who read it in the last three weeks? No, I’ve had more feedback than that. Any suggestions, or ideas gratefully received.

Now onto the biggest news this week. Finally, I have my own web site and my own domain!!! Yes!!!  It would never have seen the light of day if it had not been for Tom Benson, who set it up for me and I can’t thank him enough. You can take a peep if you type in    I aim to put the long term information in there (if I can remember how) like the countdown deal I have this week, when Truth, Lies and Propaganda is on special at $0.99 and £ 0.99. Here are the easy links (just in case you are looking for a bargain).

You can visit Tom Benson’s blog and page as well, it has lots of interesting and helpful information, which you know you won’t get on here!

I am the worst kind of writer, I just go for it. I have the outline of a story in my mind and then I just sit down and write. I make a few notes along the way, names and each major event to avoid contradictions that sort of thing. I am amazed and impressed by those writers who plan out each chapter and have it all in their minds and structure their writing properly. Maybe one day?

Now reverting to Henry, I suspect each of his wives were quite surprised to wake up to another day. We’ve talked about the first three, now for the last bunch of them.

Next was Anne of Cleeves, and history does not tell us too much about her except that she only lasted 6 months as queen consort. Poor lamb she was never even crowned.  Henry had chosen her from a Facebook picture sent over from a German speaking place.


Thus when she arrived he was not too thrilled. She was ugly (his description) and was only ever good at playing cards and needlework, and Henry did not like her embroidered pillows at all. So he declared the marriage null and void and she became his ‘beloved sister’. Please do not ask any embarrassing questions about that.

But apparently the marriage was never consummated, as Henry complained about her bad breath and sagging boobs and even he realized it would be a long wait for an heir if he …… er, didn’t.

So, it was time to hitch up with another one, there were plenty to choose from, as at least half the people in England at that time were women. There was a sudden rush to rename many of the girls as it had been noticed that the king liked the names Catherine, Anne and Jane. So England was flooded with hundreds of females being re-christened Catherine, Anne and Jane. As the majority of the peasants did not have proper surnames then this caused a lot of confusion. There was a mad rush to get your picture on the back of cereal packets as maybe, while he was having his breakfast, Henry might just notice it and take a liking to you.

Here is a picture of wife number 5. No prizes for guessing her name. You have a one in three chance of getting it right.



  1. Me, me, me. I feel the same way, which is why I usually reply. I really should connect mine to FB, but haven’t been brave enough yet. Your writing is very entertaining, so you’re definitely doing it right. Thanks again for educating me about how Henry chose his wives. How did you resize the pics to fit so neatly in your blog post? And, where did you get them? Not from the back of a cereal package, I hope. How very nice of Tom Benson to set up your page. Cheerio for now.


  2. I think if I didn’t connect this blog to FB and Twitter no one would know it existed. Most of the pictures come from Wikapedia on the web, and I can assure you I don’t size them they come as is. Some appear in a fun power point presentation I did for our local history group, but not sure they have recovered yet 🙂


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