You cannot imagine what Lucinda E Clarke is doing to me now. For those of you who have read about me, you will know that I was living happily in my home town in England, and this Lucinda person uprooted me and sent me to Africa. As if that was not enough she then had me filming some really ridiculous and gruesome stuff and then civil war breaks out. Honestly life was not easy.

But then, just as I was ready to relax, along comes another situation and it can only spell disaster. If it wasn’t for Angelina, I would get on the next plane home and forget about all this nonsense. I’m really very scared and I have no control over this mad woman who continues to put me through hell in a foreign land.

OK, so I do love this continent, it grabs you and doesn’t want to let you go, but perhaps you could ask her to be kind to me and not put me in any more danger. Let me just sit and enjoy the wildlife, what is left of it, and go to bed feeling safe and secure each night.

I have a feeling though that she is not going to listen to any of us. I’d better let her finish this blog, she wants to teach some more history, although it bears no resemblance to any of the history I learned at school.

EDWARD VWe are going back a bit here. but don’t worry if you are confused, it is unlikely you are as confused as I am. We are going to race through a few kings as they were not particularly interesting. So, following on from in the meantime….


there was Edward IV part 2, he caught a COLD while fishing, 12 year old Edward V, who reigned for 2 months before he was SMOTHERED to death and  Richard III killed in battle at 32, and he only reigned for 2 years anyway. I doubt if any of the pictures above match the right kings, but you get the general impression of kings I’m sure, so that’s OK. It can’t be that important who is who and it what order they came.

But we do have the ongoing discussion over whether Richard III killed those poor little BABIES IN TOWER. Some say he did, some say he didn’t. However, if being dug up from a public car park in Leicester in front of the whole world isn’t punishment enough I don’t know what is.


So with all this smothering and sneezing and yet another royal drowning in a butt of Malmondsey wine and even an attempt to give his kingdom to a horse, we whizz quickly past quite a few kings  But everyone was convinced that the Stuarts were not ready yet to ascend the throne and decided that the Welsh kings were the right choice.

And do you know who the Welsh kings were?  Watch this space.

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