I really am losing it these days. On Monday I included a short extract from the latest book here on my blog and I have only now found the pictures which match the story, so I thought I would share them with you. So here come the chicken ladies. A really great bunch of people who were just so committed to what they were doing and they worked so hard to make their venture a success and support their families.


They came to welcome us, singing and dancing.


Do you think these chickens like being upside down? I doubt it somehow.


This is the truck which ferried the chickens to the school – thankfully not in our car!


The children gathered to say thank you to the chicken ladies – then for the birds, it was time for the pot.

You may remember that we have come to the end of the Hundred Years war – although an interesting fact is that since records began there have only been 4 years when there has not been a major conflict somewhere in the world.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that England won the war by being better soldiers or planning a better campaign.  The TRUTH is that it was really stopped by Joan of the Ark of Noah, who heard voices and went about unfairly DEFEATING the English. The outcome could have become very nasty, but luckily the French decided that she would make a good martyr – and burned her at the stake.  Thus England was saved.


Here she is on her pony.

Everyone noticed that the middle ages were coming to an end, and the barons were determined to stave off the Stuarts for as long as possible.


Their plan was to start the Wars of the Roses and they all picked different coloured flowers to show which sides they were on. But, in the meantime….

And I will leave you quivering on the edge of your seats until next time.

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