More Truth, Lies and Propaganda is out in paperback, so I met my deadline. That was a relief as I’ve never missed one of those since I first began writing in 1983. Whoops, maybe I should not have added that date, difficult to pretend I’m only 25 now!

A few more photos which illustrate some of the stories in the new book.

This is a group photo I took of an elderly farmer. He had an enormous number of cows and was a very sharp businessman. He’d built up a huge herd, from only one cow. He spoke excellent English.elderly dairy farmer and familyAttaching first mat of second rowThese ladies north of Springbok in the Eksteenfontein area building a traditional hut.

DSC01786 It’s difficult to see what these goats find to eat in an area that looks almost totally barren.

HOUSING WORKERS & DONKEYThis poor donkey was working hard in the heat, mixing water with soil to make mud bricks. A method as old as man. It was almost surreal to see this when there were cars parked nearby, a mixture of the old world and the new.

What a great link then back to the old world and a little more about Henry V or Prince Hal – well let’s be honest we don’t have time at this speed to learn very much about any of them do we?  Just to remind you what he looks like.


The one with the crown on. Now Henry decided to be the perfect English king, appearing in the Hundred Years war and declaring that ALL  the treaties with France were to be regarded as null and void. And to remind you what that looks like, here is an outline of France.


(Now admit it, isn’t that the most boring map of France you have ever seen? )

Well, since the current French king at that time was mad, this made it very easy for Henry to invade France and there was a memorable battle called Agincourt which Hal won, displacing the French DOLPHIN as ruler of Anjou, Menjou, Poilou, Tourain and Angaine. However his fame went to his head and he quickly expired.  –   But, the French have NEVER forgiven us for Agincourt. (With apologies to the French).

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