I will be launching More Truth, Lies and Propaganda this week. I’m not sure which day yet and it will only be on kindle to start with. Amazon keep telling Dear Husband that he’s embedded fonts he’s never heard of, so we need to sort that out. But, because I’ve not missed a deadline in 40 years, I will format for Kindle and have it out in time for Easter if it kills me. So, watch this space, or rather my Facebook page and Goodreads, if I can ever get into their page, another nightmare! I will be posting the time in lots of groups as well.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures that illustrate one or two of the stories.


This is a lady who was acting the part for us in a trauma room at a rural police station.


This little girl was concentrating so hard in her gym class!

One of the chiefs I met. he kept his cell phone in his knickers, but he was a real gentleman and very charming.

Crew shot 0345

Our journey through history continues with Henry V.

The next king was his son Prince Hal or Henry V, that is Richard the something’s son, it’s not important which number, not in this version of history. Hal won the hearts of the English by his boyish pranks such as trying on the crown while his father lay dying and hitting a very old man called Judge Gascoigne.


Sadly Henry V could not find a decent hairdresser so he took to wearing his crown a lot of the time.

HENRY VMore about this king later in the week.


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