Now as far as I know, Henry VI never needed to build a decent squatter house and he would probably have decreed that a non politically correct way of describing a dwelling built by the peasants. It is just my clumsy introduction to another teaser from More Truth, Lies and Propaganda. The proof book has arrived and you can’t believe how many things I found to change. As soon as I have finished this blog, I will be back making all the corrections. I also need to prepare for tomorrow when I am joining three other writers at the Easter Fair. We have a table together and I’m really not looking forward to it as I am a strictly behind-the-scenes sort of person. I never know what to do if people come to look at the books. Do I try to avoid eye contact? Jump up and give them a big kiss, start rabbiting on about the books? I will never, ever make a good sales person.

Next, a teaser for More Truth, Lies and Propaganda. It’s how we lost a house.

I wrote a comedy script around a lazy city dweller, showing off to his relatives who had just moved into town, telling them how to construct this superior house. He didn’t actually work, he only pretended to, while conning the rest of the cast into doing all the manual labouring.

We were using employees from the Housing and Health Departments to act the parts, but the truth was that while we shot a little of the action each day with them, another team of council workers would move in later and build a little more. To save time and cost we were only planning on a two-sided house, as we could shoot from various angles and cheat a little. OK, we were going to cheat a lot!

The shoot was going very well. The cast was really excellent and we didn’t even need to understand the words spoken in Zulu, their actions made the messages crystal clear. We had done so well that, by Friday night when we packed away, I thought we should be able to wrap the whole thing in another day and a half. I looked forward to a relaxing weekend.

We arrived bright and early on the following Monday morning and, for a brief moment, I thought I was hallucinating. I went into a mild state of shock and grabbed my cell (mobile) phone. While I called the Housing Department, Carl phoned the studio.

“We’ve lost our house!”

“What do you mean you’ve lost the house? You can’t lose a house.”

“Well we have. When we left on Friday night, it was almost complete. Now it’s gone, not a post, not a brick, not a wall in sight, it’s just bare earth! The house is gone, it’s not there anymore. I’ve got six actors down here wandering around looking for their set.” I just knew I was never going to live this down, it’s not every day you lose a house.

It transpired that the Civil Protection patrols had seen our ‘set’ and, because we were building in an unsuitable area (it was on a flood plain), they followed their orders and demolished what they saw as an illegal build. I was not comforted by the report they showed me, which stated that:

The half-completed structure was particularly difficult to destroy, as it had been extremely well built and resisted our initial attempts to demolish it.

But back to the history lessons and you are taking notes right? Don’t forget our exam at the end of the course. We are up to Henry VI part one. He was not happy on the throne, it was not quite what he thought it would be, especially when the barons accused HIM of murdering Richard II.


All during his reign pseudo Richards kept popping up pretending that THEY were king, and it all got very confusing. So Henry had his head exhibited in St Paul’s cathedral to prove his innocence.

RICHARD II 4This is a nice picture of a horse lying down. I have no idea if it is relevant but thought you might like to see it.  On second thoughts it might be a deer of some kind. Anyway, it looks important.

All during his reign, Edward’s that is, pseudo Richards kept popping up pretending that THEY were king, and it all got very confusing. So Henry had his head exhibited in St Paul’s cathedral to prove his innocence.


I think this might be one that escaped, but I’m not sure.

Sadly I think I have lost the ability to word wrap around the pictures. It’s bizarre isn’t it? I could do it on Monday.

Now, have you noticed the deliberate error? It’s a really bad one, but I thought I would leave it in for fun.  🙂


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