I have a very hard time believing that the human brain actually works more efficiently than one of those gigantic computers they have at IBM headquarters – well certainly mine doesn’t I’m sure of that! I have to admit I am absolutely brilliant at multi-tasking (like most women) but, if it comes to doing more than three brain type calculations at the same time, then I struggle. But, just occasionally, I have a brain wave which takes me by surprise and I had one of those last Saturday morning.

I was driving down the road into the village and it all fell into place. What did? The story, the complete story for next time. As by now you are terribly confused let me explain.

After writing Amie it was taken for granted there would be another episode on her life and I didn’t think too much about this as I raced to get the other two biographies out. But then I began to think about what was going to happen to Amie and I started to worry, big time!  I had no idea at all! I was all out of ideas. I have been panicking about this for weeks and weeks. Where was she going, what was she going to do? How could I get her into trouble?

Then on the drive down to the village it all fell into place. Not the minute details but the story, the outline and possibly the conclusion as well. So, what was the catalyst? I have no idea, not from the radio, nor the passing motorists, nor the road ahead, it just popped into my head from nowhere. I guess that doesn’t happen if you are an IBM computer does it? So maybe there is some truth in the rumour after all.

Time to go back in time and we move on to the next king whose name was Richard II. He was only a boy when he ascended the throne, so he neeRICHARD II 2ded help with this as it was a very LARGE piece of furniture.

To add insult to injury, he was born in France!

By the time he was 21 he was able to sit on the throne all by himself, and was in turn a good king and a bad king, and then pronounced unbalanced.

RICHARD IIThe picture above shows him younger and the one on the right shows him when he was old enough to dress himself, although he never did. There were plenty of people to do that for him.

Poor Richard did not have an easy time. His cousin Lancaster, quickly mounted the throne the moment Richard got up to run a quick errand and declared that he was Henry IV part I. Richard was thus abdicated and was sent to the tower and then later to Pontrefact castle where he dies under MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES.

Are you beginning to agree that it seems just a little dangerous to be a king of England?


  1. Were we in the days of ” Now is the hour of our discontent made nobler by the…. ” etc., can’t remember the rest! ?
    Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to Amie next.


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