As threatened, here is my proposed cover for the next book. It’s a follow on from ‘Truth, Lies and Propaganda’, and is called ‘More, Truth Lies & Propaganda’. Yes, well that’s no big surprise is it?

You wouldn’t believe how writers agonize over the cover of a book and this one was no exception. I love these pictures, but I’m still trying to decide if the children should be walking towards or away from the camera on the front. People won’t see the back cover when it is advertised on Amazon. If you have any comments, please share them with me.

I doubt if any of these little scraps are alive now as they had been permanently hospitalized for incurable TB. They would troop down to the dining room each day and the little ones were pulled back up the slope in the laundry cart. Yet they were such happy little souls and the staff were so fantastic with them. MTLP cover v2 flat(1) MTLP front v1-2 Strange that the pictures look a bit fuzzy but they are clear on the print outs.

Time to go back in history and we have finally reached Edward I. He became king before his reign had actually begun officially, so he was a strong king. He was affectionately known as Longshanks because he had long arms and legs and he was very fond of eating lamb. EDWARD I One of the first things he did was to abolish all the other benches used by the Law Courts and have only one bench which he sat on himself. This was called the King’s Bench. Court_of_Kings_Bench_(1808)Unfortunately this illustration is from 1808, but Edward was very careless with his photograph albums and this is the nearest thing I could find to show you a king’s bench.  Unless you want these instead. BENCHI thought not.

If you’re Scotch, you get a mention next week.


  1. ooops – Scotch is whisky – people from Scotland are Scots – they dinnae like it wrong – quick, quick correct it – it can be our little secret.


    • LOL! Diane you noticed! The trick here is to find any ‘correct’ information in this appalling, irreverent and incorrect history! But that is a secret between us as well, OK? I’m telling everyone else it’s accurate and quite serious. 🙂


      • See my biggest problem I think is that I assume that writers know more about their subject than I do and you could write practically anything about history and I would nod faux sagely and say “Ah yes, I see.” 🙂


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