It seems that every day is now some sort of special day. While most of us are familiar with ‘Pancake Day’, or ‘Christmas Day’, now we also have ‘Wash Your Cat’s Whiskers Day’, or ‘Crawl Around Your Supermarket Naked Day’, or ‘Annoy Your Neighbours Day’.

For me, last Saturday was ‘Blog Yourself Day’. This all came about because one very nice reader had recommended my books to a friend and her reply was that she never visited the Amazon site. Disaster!!! How was she going to get hold of my books if she didn’t go on Amazon? However, she said she would google me. “She’ll never find anything there,” I thought, so I’ll just pop in and have a look.

Amazing how doing something quite legal can make you feel furtive and unclean, I mean it’s just not done is it, to google yourself?

I went ahead anyway, and to my amazement there are almost 5 pages on Lucinda E Clarke with links to Amazon, Goodreads, several of my blogs, my Author page, bits from FaceBook groups, an on-line interview, newspaper interviews and even several entries written in other languages. There is even a page of pictures as well!

There is a note at the bottom of the page which states:- Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.

Data protection, are they kidding? Without that what else could there possibly be on the web? Honestly, anyone would think I was a famous author or something, not just a struggling Indie scribbler hoping to sell a book or two.

Now of course it’s not just me. I can imagine Google acting like an enormous vacuum cleaner sucking up all kinds of information and putting it out there – on all of us.

Then I got to thinking, how long will all this stay up there – for centuries? And if it keep expanding like this will it ever implode? Just how big are these storage data banks and how much more can they hold?

So go ahead, google yourself and just see what it comes up with. You too will be astounded.

Did anyone find out that the next King to grace the English throne was Henry III? He was a confused king and is only memorable for seizing all the money in the mint and imprisoning HIMSELF in the Tower of London. Here he wrote a letter to the nation saying he was a Good Thing.  The Londoners were so enraged that they armed themselves with staves, JERKINS etc and massacred all the Jews in the city.  (Shameful).

HENRY IIITOWER OF LONDONFinally Henry flung himself into the bosom of the Pope,


… but his reign was saved by Simon de Montford who had a good idea. This was to make parliament more representative by inviting people from every parish in the country.SIMON DE MONMTFORDIsn’t Simon good looking! But! This was quite puzzling, for as you will notice, Simon de Montford has a FRENCH name.

EU FLAGSo this is probably an early example of Europe and the EU interfering in the affairs of Britain. It’s been going on a lot longer than you realized.


  1. Nice one. You are right, Paris, Berlin, Brussels have long wanted to tame London one way or another. But we Brits are a standoffish lot – thankfully. But I’d best not say that too loud or the thought police will be onto me. Go on google, do your worst!

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