Well I can’t complain about this week, my highest ever sales and the #1 bestseller [in genre] on both and at the same time. I’ve probably said way too much about that already on Facebook so I won’t labour the point again. I will even restrain myself from posting the screen shots I took and pasting them up here. I’m trying to remember that I am shy and retiring and I should never, ever boast, but I am really thrilled. A huge thank you to all the people who commented.

And the Prozac? Well no one stays at #1 forever and of course, last night the final little yellow sticker disappeared, so at some point you have to come off the high and back down to earth. But it was good while it lasted. Oh and I should like to give an enormous thank you to all those wonderful people who bought Amie. I do hope you enjoy the read, but even if you don’t, it was cheap for a couple of days wasn’t it? 🙂

Onward through history and we left King John fuming at the barons who forced him to sign a silly bit of paper – one that he had absolutely no intentions of adhering to.

He got to wandering around England a bit, and he finally demonstrated his utter incompetence by losing the Crown and all his clothes and treasure in the Wash (people are still looking for it all). Then he died of a surfeit of peaches and so his awful reign came to an end.


Now comes a moment of great SHAME – I’m not sure how we can even bear to mention it and I can assure you, no one in England ever shouts about this period of history. No, it is whispered about behind closed doors.

Half of England was then ruled by Louise VIII of France! And here he is.

LOUISE VIII FRANCEBut don’t panic all was not lost!

Louis realized he could not afford a coronation, and decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. He found out it rained a lot on the other side of the Channel and he really shouldn’t be there at all. So he stayed in France and England was saved!!!!!

Since there is to be an exam at the end of this course, your homework is to find out which king came next. You may even find out before I do! 🙂

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