Just before I continue with the serious history lesson (and I do hope you are taking this all in, ready for the exam in a few weeks) I just want to mention that ‘Amie an African Adventure’ will be reduced to $0.99 and £0.99 tomorrow Tuesday 17 February and Wednesday 18th February, and maybe even later today if Amazon move quickly. This will be the last price drop for a minimum of 90 days, so if you were thinking of buying it, and wanted it cheap, now would be a good time. Here is the link to make it nice and easy for you – I am just so thoughtful 🙂

So now the advert is over, on with the serious stuff. We are in the reign of King John, Robin Hood has passed on to forests new and the barons are just a weeny bit teed off with their monarch who was really, really bad.

So bad that Pope of that time – I’m sure it’s not important which one – had sent a papal bull to England.

Picture2John sent the Papal Bull on to Spain, where it became a national sport.

Then the barons got together and wrote out a long list called the Magma Charter and for some reason, took it to an ISLAND in the Thames. In it they said that in future –   No one was to be put to death save for some reason [except for the common people]   – Everyone should be free [except for the common people]

Picture1Everything throughout the realm should be the same weight and measure [except for the common people] – The courts should be stationary instead of following a very tiresome medieval office known as the Kings Person all over the country – No person should be fined for his ruin [except the King’s person]

The barons should not be tried except by a special jury of other barons who would understand.   Magma Charter was therefore the chief cause of democracy in England

Next time we come to the demise of John in a very peculiar fashion.

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