When I published my first book in July 2013, I had no idea that I should market it or even tell anyone about it. Was I hoping that it would leap off the shelves and become a best seller? No, I didn’t even think about it, it was just out there for sale, if anyone happened to notice and felt like getting a copy.

Then the whole marketing and promoting and social media hit me like a sledgehammer. This ‘they’ said is what you needed to do to get sales, – build platforms – create a list – make contacts – blog – Twitter – Pinterest – spam – beg – grovel – advertise – and work 28 hours a day at it.

I was jolted into the real world and I soon realized that my dignity was gone for ever. No longer could I be the shy, wilting violet smiling quietly in the corner. Now it was ‘get out there and sell!’ But, remember never, ever to use that fatal phrase ‘buy my books.’ So I won’t say that. It seems that you must be prepared to crawl naked across Trafalgar Square if that’s what it takes.

So a bit of grovelling here from me, not to buy my books [heaven forbid] but I have sold over 600 kindle books and almost 200 paperbacks and between all of them I have a total of less than 50 reviews. I only have 3 reviews from family and friends! So please, if you have read one of my books, can you take ten minutes to write a review on and The big promo companies will not even look at you unless you have dozens and dozens of reviews. Please?

Well grovelling is not new, King John had to do plenty of it too, so I’m in good company.

Eventually the crusades were the end of King Richard and he was succeeded by his bad brother John who had been eying the throne for quite some time.

KING JOHNJohn was not only bad but he was awful too. He had a little nephew called Little Arthur, who was writing a little history of England in a little dungeon, when John ordered his little blue eyes to be put out with some weeny red hot irons. It is said that John did the deed himself.

Now sadly, I have no pictures of Arthur, but coming next, is a nice picture of the Seine in Paris where his body was apparently thrown by John.

SEINE, FOR KING ARTHURThis is a nice picture of the River Seine WHERE, it was rumoured, Little Arthur’s body was thoughtlessly thrown.

papal bullThe Pope was not pleased with John, so he put the whole country under an interdict, but John took no notice. So then the Pope sent a papal bull to England with instructions to the people that no one was to obey John, or stand him a drink or tell him the right time or give him the answers to the Irish question or any other question.

On Monday, we move on to the Magna Charter and the new front cover for Walking over Eggshells. And of course the results of my grovelling for reviews today. Will there be more? Watch this space.


  1. Crawling over Traf Sq’s been tried, to no avail. No one noticed. And the feel of a pigeon pecking at the back of one’s neck is most undignified. Beggars attract beggars. And so permit me to re-beg you if you will. *bows* I agree with you about reviews. I will be more than happy to engage in a spot of mutual reviewing with you. I write a lot of reviews and enjoy doing it because it helps to hone one’s own writing efforts. And – if we are very lucky in our reading – produces grateful reciprocation.


    • I do try not to rant about selling etc on this blog, but I had only, after 18 months, sat down to count out how many books I had sold! And then I noticed the number of reviews because Authorgraph sends you a weekly email listing the numbers. Please can you pm me on Facebook and we can chat about reviews? always happy to review too.


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