Well I really can’t put it off any longer, so here is possibly the best pictures we managed to get from the photo shoot.

DEE 12

DEE 17I may keep to my original pic though for Facebook and other stuff, it was taken 12 years ago and you know I looked much younger then! This growing old is not for sissies is it?

As I may just have mentioned in passing, I am trying to get the next book out for Easter, in the hope that lots of people will be going on holiday and be desperate for something to read. So, for the moment I am going to drop the Wednesday blog and post only on a Monday and a Friday. The social season has started here in Spain, and the invitations are piling up, that’s the problem when your husband is so popular!

My talk on Cecil John Rhodes this morning went off quite well I think. One interesting remark I heard after from one lady was that she had often thought of Africa as all dry, dusty and open plains, so she was surprised by the pictures I showed of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa which is so like many parts of southern England.

Time to go back a little way in history, where I left you in the tender care of Henry II. Well he died of course – of despair on receiving news that all his sons were revolting.


He looks quite sad doesn’t he?

The next monarch, Richard I, was a King with a Lion’s Heart. He liked nothing better than to go ROARING ABOUT in Palestine fighting the Saladins and each time he returned from a crusade he set off again immediately.

The two faces of Richard: –


and the less commonly known portrait :-


I’m sorry about the pic of Ghadaffi, I must have cropped it for the lecture, leaving me with Richard on his own. (I believe that is Richard the Lionheart and not John as it’s labelled, so please ignore that). While I can change pictures in Power Point, I have no idea how to fiddle with pictures in WordPress. (You have no idea what problems I have just getting into my blog in the first place). So please just ignore the bit on the left as well. Would I put anything in here that wasn’t true?


It was whispered that Richard did all this crusading and rushing around all over the place, to stop people nagging him to get married, and conceal the fact that his best friend was a local rock singer of DUBIOUS parentage called Blondin. When the blind King of Bohemia captured Richard and imprisoned him in a tall tower, Blondin traveled all round Europe singing the current number one hit knowing it would attract Richard’s attention so Blondin could rescue him.

Have a great week!

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