Well there was a lovely surprise this morning when Dear Husband got his daily email from Amazon, this time offering him biographies –  Walking over Eggshells and Truth Lies and Propaganda were at the top of the list! I’m sitting here waiting for the millions of sales to come flooding in, but…. At least Amazon notice I’m on there!


They are just too cute aren’t they? They go to school in a deep rural area near the Kruger Park in South Africa and these little girls are being trained by a Russian Olympic gymnastic finalist! Amazing! She tested every child in the school and these were the best. They have even earned Springbok [national] colours for their abilities. I was just blown away. Another anecdote from my new book ‘More, Truth, Lies and Propaganda’ hopefully out before Easter.

But further back in time, where we have got as far as Henry II, who came after Steven and Mathilda. He was a great king for making laws. He first pronounced that everything was either legal or [preferably] illegal.


[Not his best portrait you understand.]

He was the first king to say that people must be tried by other people who were their peers. This was to replace the trial by drowning or burning.


Now, it was only after a person had been found innocent, that they had to undergo trial by drowning or burning to prove the jury right.


Life was tough in those days!

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