I gave an interview with one of the local papers the other week and much to my horror they published it last Friday. Why was I horrified? The write up was great, the facts absolutely correct, but the picture? I look like the writer from hell, enough to give little children nightmares. It wasn’t the reporter’s fault, it was the canvas he had to work with.

But all is not lost! I have a great friend who used to be in show business and she is descending on my doorstep tomorrow complete with curling tongs and makeup and we are going to see if she can make me look half way decent. [Frankly I’m sick of looking at all these pretty, young, glamerous writers who look just so gorgeous. They should be in the films in Hollywood, not tapping keyboards]. This is a reserved occupation for those who look best with a paper bag over their heads.

Amyway, watch this space to see what we come up with.

But let’s move on through history, where we left off with Stephen and Matilda chasing each other all over the place both claiming to be the real ruler of England.

They were not too wise doing that as at the same time……


..while no one was watching, the barons all built large fortress type castles and OPPRESSED the poor. Mind the poor asked for it as they were very oppressing.

But this was a dangerous situation as the barons began to think very highly of themselves, and thought they could do what they liked. Well actually they could, but they were not supposed to.

So for today, we will leave the monarchs of the time on the run, with the barons wining and dining in their smart new homes wondering how they can afford the central heating bills, and the poor, clamouring at the gates begging for food.

I would like to state quite clearly that I am not in receipt of any backhanders from the British Tourist Board for highlighting these wonderful old buildings, many of which are open to the public,  some of them are even refurbished, which you can visit for a reasonable sum.

Let’s have another couple of castles, only because I like castles. You don’t have to look at them if you don’t want to.



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