As I promised, or threatened, there will be the occasional picture of an anecdote in my next book, starting today. This is a shot I took when we were filming The Devil’s Claw.  Now that should puzzle lots of people! The new book is called ‘More Truth, Lies and Propaganda’.

Crew shot 0344

But I know you are really here for the history lesson,and we had of course got as far as Henry I – and here he is.HENRY I

Henry I who came next was famous for his hand writing and was nicknamed Beau-geste. He was INCONSOLABLE when his son died and he ate too many palfreys which killed him. He was thus a tragic king.

The moment Stephen came to the throne it was realized that he was a mistake. Everything and everyone was very confused, so his Aunt Matilda or Maud [the name seems to be interchangeable for some unknown reason well beyond me] announced that she would be king instead. The picture below shows Matilda, in case you were confused. And if you are not confused by now, you should be!


This is Stephen against a blue background….Stephen I

… and being crowned against a red backdrop.KING STEVEN

Stephen got upset about this and he and Maud or Matilda spent the entire reign escaping from each other all over the kingdom.

And next time I will tell you what was going on secretly while our two monarchs were playing hide and seek all over England.


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