I was supposed to be editing today, but got lost in a book, written by someone else that is, and that was that! So, I will write my blog tonight and tomorrow I shall get up early and make up for lost time.

Soon I will be adding a different picture at the beginning of each post to illustrate my next book. I thought about trying to include them in the book itself, but I’m not sure if that is a good idea. I would be interested to hear from anyone which they prefer. Pictures or no pictures? I do know they don’t come out too well on most kindles and e.Readers in general.

So, where had we got to? Ah yes, William the Conquerer, who, the British will inform you led the last successful invasion of England – and as you will have learned already there were plenty of those before him. I simply won’t bother with any dates as they are not the slightest bit important, not in my version of history.

Now William was also the first environmentalist, because all the forests which had not previously been owned, now belonged to him. Anyone found in the forests was to have his ears and legs cut off and if THAT didn’t work, the perpetrator was to have both eyes put out with red hot irons, after which, he was allowed to flee the country.


Another very conquering law William made was to make everyone go to bed at 8 pm. This was called the Curlew.


In many ways William was a good king.


I have absolutely no idea if this is an accurate photograph of William I. People in those days were notoriously camera shy, so if it bears any resemblance to any famous person, this is entirely co-incidental.

Despite his love of animals William was eventually killed by his horse and was succeeded by his son…..

And I will leave you on that cliffhanger until next time.

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