You either love them or hate them, but you have to admit that Amazon are one of the best when it comes to marketing. Here is a good example.

Around Christmas I had an email from them saying that as I was such a good customer – hey they noticed how many books I have been buying – they were going to give me a Christmas present of a free Kindle book!! Was I excited!! As soon as I had a spare moment (this retirement lark is more than exhausting), I dived into my wish list looking for one of the more expensive e.books I had been thinking about buying. I chose one and pressed all the right buttons only to find Amazon had given me a choice of only 6 books to choose from. Their choice of course. I had only vaguely heard of one of the authors and, wait for it, each one was the first in a series. Now how crafty is that?

I had no choice. I downloaded one and now I’m scared to read it. What if I get hooked? The rest of the books in the series are very expensive indeed! Clever Amazon.

Still enough of the nonsense, on with the really important history lesson.

I left you with Harold I, but he was only king for 10 months before William shot out his eye with an arrow at the Battle of Hastings.



(Hope you don’t mind the gory picture).

Thus, Harold, was the last English king of England.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From here on, England has been ruled by a succession of “foreigners”. (Oh the Shame!!!!)


William the Conquerer, or William the Bastard, was a strong king. He invented the FEUTILE system, whereby he noted down everything in England so that he knew what he had conquered.


He wrote about this in the Doomsday Book, along with ALL the possessions of ALL his new subjects which William said now ALL belonged to him. This is probably the first record of an inventory or stocktaking. Today, Tesco and Asda STILL follow his lead.

More next week as we go to the woods.

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