Another Nonsense Blog

I read lots of  brilliant blogs each week, and I have to congratulate so many people for writing really interesting stuff. Many are about selling and marketing books, others about writing and still more describing places, food and different cultures. Maybe one day after more practice, I too will be writing erudite, cultural and informational blogs but it may take me a lot more practice.

Well of course you don’t get anything like that on this blog yet of course, at best it will be a giggle as we continue with the kings and queens who ruled England.


Edward married late in life, and it is said he refused to sleep with his wife in case they considered him for canonization after he was dead. This is probably true as he had no children.


This picture shows Macbeth and lots of blood.

As an aside, over on the OTHER side of the wall, Macbeth was busy murdering his friends and relatives and anyone else who wanted to be king north of the border.


Back in England, Edward’s successor was Harold Goodwinson, or Harold I who bullied his way to the throne.

To the reader who is looking forward to the Tudors, we will get there I promise. There were just so many monarchs before them, as you can see!


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