Blog tonight, edit tomorrow!

I thought I would get ahead and write tonight so tomorrow I can settle down to two lots of editing.

Sadly  I still can’t remember the brilliant stuff I was going to share with you from the shower [don’t even go there mentally please!] So on with the history lesson for Monday.

We left off with Edward the Confessor, who was happy to confess to anything at all. He was also the patron saint of England until STRANGELY….


….he was ousted by Saint George who in fact never went anywhere near England at all. Did you know that he is a TERRIBLY important saint in Ethiopia! He is more accurately known as St George of Ethiopia.


Edward liked pomp and circumstance and as well as building Westminster Abbey he also invented lots of ceremonial things to do for coronations, funerals and other celebrations. He did this knowing that it would pay off in the long run through the money from tourism, as we can see from this picture of some happy tourists.


Edward was aware that at some time in the future the Americans and the Japanese would come and visit. He knew they might like to stroll around his Abbey. He is acknowledged as the first forward thinker and long term planner.

Next time we leave Edward and see lots of blood!

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