Screaming Brain Cells

Slightly weird title yes? The reason for this is the triumph getting as far as this in writing my blog.

Now everyone tells me that WordPress is one of the best and easiest to use blog sites, and I’m sure they are right as even I am managing to post without too much anguish. But it’s getting to the point when I have to plan carefully, as the moment I try to log in – I’m not always successful first time, I need to make sure my cell phone is to hand to use the Authenticator. This is a series of numbers that flash up on the screen so I can type in the appropriate six digits to allow me to gain access.

The biggest problem is they flash up so fast before they change to another six digit number and I have a problem typing them all in. ‘1347… no, 4765… no I mutter and it’s a race between getting all the numbers typed in quickly and being locked out for ever. If I lose my phone then possibly it’s bye bye blog?

However our ancestors had no such problems of course. If they had something to say they either shouted it from the hilltops, or  sent a trusty servant off clutching a bulky piece of parchment – a sort of ‘man on horseback mail’, before ‘snail mail’ was invented. [I understand they refer to it as ‘static mail’ these days]. Which neatly takes us back in time to Alfred.

The best thing that Arthur did was to found the British Navy. He had seen the long ships used by the Danes, so he built much longer ones and from that time on, since invaders don’t like to fight against long odds, they seldom attacked the British navy. Thus a new international law was promulgated called the Rule Britannia, technically known as the Freedom of the Seas – as long as they were British. [I have a feeling this is totally wrong, but you may have noticed that accuracy does not play a major part in this history lesson].


I bet you’re surprised at the technology they had in those days aren’t you? They would have been too, especially if they read this.


The Danes were defeated, by Alfred, not Arthur which is a bit puzzling, however it seems that the name is interchangeable – which solves a big problem for me without having to do any research. Now Alfred/Arthur had a wife called Lady Windemere, who always wore the same white frock and who used to go bathing in the same lake as Sir Lancelot. She protested that it was all innocent, and that they were just looking for a lost sword which Arthur/Alfred had accidentally thrown into the water.

To be continued…..

Just a note that I am reducing ‘Amie an African Adventure’ to $0.99 / £0.99 for tomorrow only, that’s Tuesday 13th January, if you want to pick up a cheap copy.

Also thank you to all those people who have left comments on here, I do try to get in and reply to them but sometimes that does not work! Just hope you are enjoying the posts!


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