Well my talk about myself yesterday was not my finest hour. A lovely, lovely group of friendly people, and the technicians were awesome as well, but the temperature in the massive hall must have been below freezing! Afterwards I had trouble signing the books, my fingers had frozen up!

I’m not on any crusade, but if I can get people to think about what they watch on television and read in the newspapers and then question the facts that are blithely thrown out, then this is a step forward. I am so aware  after “Lying for a Living,” [which is one way of describing what I did to earn money and pay the bills], that I can often see what the media say and what they [conveniently] omit.

Anyway I’ll put the soapbox away and get on with the history lesson.

After all the Egg Kings there came a wave of Danes who INSISTED that the whole of the right hand side of England belonged to them. Alfred was the king at that time, but he was so busy taking cooking lessons from an ancestor of Gordon Ramsey, that he was forced to pay the Danes to go away.


But Alfred was a Good King, even if he DID burn cakes, and he did a lot of good things for the Britons, though no one seems able to remember what they were.


Now I am going to include King Arthur here, as there is no exact date for him, but I CAN’T leave him out can I? Everyone knows about Arthur, but between you and me, Arthur was a weak king. He invented the conference as he preferred to talk rather than fight. He was also VERY nosy and always wanted to know what his 1001 knights were up to, so he had a very large table built, so they could ALL meet together and have a chat.


But they didn’t get to meet too often as in those days restaurant accommodation was booked up for months and months in advance.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “WE HAVE GOT TO ALFRED!

  1. I’ve read all three posts I’ve missed now, Lucinda. Just love the Egg kings. Brilliant! By the way, I never imagined it would get that cold down where you are! It’s not very cold here – just wild and wet. Pfff, I’d rather have cold and sunny any day. It would take me back to Jo’burg.


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