The Romans in Britain

Onwards with the non-history lesson.  Be honest, you’re not learning much are you? That’s OK there is no exam at the end of this – now there’s a thought. Maybe a free book at the end to the best answers?  I’ll have to think about that. Sorry I did not reply to some of the comments as when I tried to get in – my own blog would not let me! Now how sad is that?

But enough of this idle chatter, back to Roman Britain.

Besides eating grapes they also built very straight roads, all of which of course led straight to Rome. This was very inconvenient for the Britons, as they had no desire to visit Italy. They simply wanted to get to the next town or village.

cartoon-roads to Rome

The Romans caused even more inconvenience by building a very high wall at the bottom of Scotland, to keep out the Scots who were originally Irish, but by now were Scotch, having driven the Irish Picts out of Scotland, who were now living in Ireland and known as Irish. [I bet you’ve always been puzzled about that before, just nice to clear it all up once and for all].


[Sorry about the backpacker, he refused to get out of the way].

So, just to re-cap, this time was known as the Roman Occupation, and here is a pic of a Happy Roman to prove it.


A bit more about the Romans next time, they did hang around for a very long time!



7 thoughts on “The Romans in Britain

  1. A Yank with English roots knows very little about the Roman Occupation, but I did take a History of England class in college. I loved the class, but as an accounting major I was out of my league and struggled to pass the class. Still I recall that those nasty Romans introduced the concept of civil law and communal baths to the Island.

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