Firstly let me wish everyone a brilliant New Year and may 2015 bring you everything you wish for and that is also good for your health, happiness and contentment. [I’ve trying to circumvent that old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for!’]

To my writer friends, lots and lots of sales and yellow bestseller stickers and to all my reader friends, many fantastic new books to read – preferably mine! I didn’t say that – really I didn’t.

So, onward with the history lesson.



I mentioned that many British refused to go out and fight the Romans without putting their make up on, but there was an exception. Yes a woman! They fought heroically under a dashing queen called Boudicea – or, as they call her today for some reason that COMPLETELY escapes me – Boudica. In fact they did so well, ….



……that poor Julius was forced to return the next year, in 54 BC, yes that is an earlier date, but this is due to the peculiar Roman method of counting. This time Julius was armed with more battering rams and axes and other war machines.



The Romans hung about for two or three hundred years, living a semi-detached life in villas, eating grapes, having baths …….

… more to follow.

Isn’t it great to get educated 🙂


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