When I was a child I was taught not to lie. When I grew up, I was paid to lie.

That title just about sums up my new book which hit the world last Monday, not so much with a splash but with a slither. I almost didn’t notice it was out on sale myself and when I contacted my editor, she hadn’t heard either. Yet I thought I had broadcast it from the rooftops, but with the amount of traffic on the net these days, anything can get buried and buried very quickly.
In fact I am beginning to have nightmares about Facebook and Twitter. Take last Friday when I decided to take a whole day off. I would not even turn on my computer. There it sat on the table glowering at me, but I pointedly turned my back on it and picked up – wait for it – yes, I picked up a book and spent most of the day reading. I had a wonderful day but oh dear, when I powered up on Saturday morning the payback was waiting for me. One hundred and seventy three emails, sixty two Twitter messages and nine personal messages. And that’s after one day!
What if I took a weekend off, or, heaven forbid had a two week holiday? Remember in the old days when you got back to find a pile of post on the doormat, or dozens of envelopes stuffed into your mail box? Well this is far, far worse.
While at one time I had nightmares about being dragged off by slave traders I’ve now become a slave to the social network.
Of course I dump a lot of them, but I do have to check in case there are a few readers who’ve written to tell me they’ve enjoyed a book, and I must reply to them if they have taken the time to write to me. [I also enjoy reading the compliments of course!] So I can’t just highlight the lot and drag them into the rubbish bin.
What has this to do with the title of this blog? Nothing yet, but I’m getting there.
Truth Lies and Propaganda, is the first of two books telling how I got into the media and earned my living as a writer. It takes you behind the scenes in the world of radio and television, mostly humorous and full of unbelievable stories which are in fact true. I was so privileged to be invited to so many places, and meet so many people, and apart from writing it all down so I can remember the events, it is fun to share with others as well.
Tomorrow, Tuesday 9th December ‘Truth, lies and Propaganda’ is reduced to 77p / $0.99 and ‘Amie an African Adventure’ is the same price until Thursday, so now is a good chance to get them cheap. OK, so I can’t order the ocean-going yacht just yet, but it’s almost Christmas, and time to share. Now I must wrap this up and go and write some Christmas cards and my annual Xmas letter.
Ah, just noticed, no picture, I’d better put one in, everyone else does. Now can I remember how to do that?

This is Gcina Mhlope, one of my most favourite people. She is a renowned story teller, and is on both my TLP books. She has traveled to America and Europe to share African folklore with thousands of people. A really great lady with so much talent.


One thought on “When I was a child I was taught not to lie. When I grew up, I was paid to lie.

  1. Yes, Lucinda! Catching up with blogs, Facebook and Twitter can take a whole day, can’t it? Congratulations on the release of another riveting book. I’ve added it to my TBR list. Oh am I going to indulge myself as soon as this silly thesis is finished?? Can’t wait!


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