Well there is absolutely no talking to DH today. He is walking about like the cockerel who has just been delivered to the chicken shed, where a large number of lady hens are waiting in breathless anticipation.  Why?

Let me take you back to yesterday, when the air was blue and the language not to be repeated. Yes, and on a Sunday as well, tut tut. The local priest would not have approved at all.

DH was at the computer and for the third time he was about to face the terror of satisfying the ‘Great CreateSpace template’.

Previously he had made many, many attempts [I am much too thick to work it all out], and they cheerfully send it back again and again and again, to explain your gutters are too small, or your gutters are too large, or the pages are all wrong etc etc.

But yesterday DH only loaded the “Truth, Lies and Propaganda” manuscript and the cover once – and YES! It was accepted first time!!!!  Was he proud of himself? I was very proud of him as well and as it is my turn to cook this month, I made him a special meal tonight.

We immediately ordered a proof copy as I want it to put on my stand at the Christmas Fair.

OK so I can dream that there will be a queue of people snaking down the hall, out into the car park and on down the road, all demanding to buy it right now, but it’s there as a teaser. Still need to see what it looks like in the flesh so to speak.

On a more terrifying note, I popped into my author page on Amazon after reading a chance remark on Facebook, to see they have linked my Twitter and my blog to it, and anyone can click on them and see what I have been writing in every sphere.

Has Big Brother arrived? I was a bit taken back, as I was a teeny, weeny bit critical of AZN  in my last post, or did the title “I Love Amazon” tempt them?  But I’m not sure they should link all this without asking me.  And how am I going to get any followers to my blog when anyone can click on the link and read it  and not bother to sign up?

A big thanks to the people who this week have taken the time to review WoE and Amie. Remember those word puzzles they gave us at school? This is one they didn’t give us:-

water is to fish as ?????? is to authors.


Reviews of course!! 🙂

higher still

This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I have written about, but as everyone else litters their brilliant blogs with pictures, I feel honour bound to do the same. It shows the human towers at their Algamesi annual festival in September. Thought you might like to see it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “BAD SUNDAY, GOOD MONDAY

  1. Great post, Lucinda! I can just see DH strutting his proud stuff, but I hope you’ve kept all the local chickens under control. Can’t go having him too excited now…:) I shall be following you from now on!! xx


    • Thanks for that Val! I’ve just nagged him to get the Kindle version ready with the latest changes we sent to CreateSpace, and he didn’t look too thrilled! He’s on to his next project now and we all know about men and multi-tasking don’t we?


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