I can’t believe Lucinda has actually agreed to let me write a guest blog. She must be feeling SO guilty. I can tell you this much, you can’t believe Lucinda about anything. If you read about me in the first book my African Adventure, you will know where I am right now. Well as soon as she had sent me off to be published, I heard DH say to her

“So when’s the next one then?” Now he is very picky when it comes to books, so I thought ha! He did enjoy my story. So I was expecting Lucinda to sit down immediately and continue telling everyone what happened next.

But oh no! She is so selfish, she began to write a second book of memoirs, some nonsense about her radio and TV and video filming in Africa. She was laughing aloud as she was writing it, I’m not sure I will find it funny though, on principle.

Now she is in final edit, but then she decided that it was too long, well what did she expect, it covered 40 years [she’s much older than I am]. So the next step was to split it into two, and now IAMY COVER 2 (500x800)

have to wait until she has completed two more books, probably next spring before she comes back to get me. I suppose she thinks people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes in television?

I just might not wait around for her, that will give her a shock! Maybe I’ll move on without her, and it will serve her right.

Oh and I’ve just discovered that she has dropped the price of my story to half price until Sunday 12th at midnight. Talk about adding insult to injury!!

Amie Fish

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