Yet again I have proved to myself just how stupid I am. I dropped the price of “Walking over Eggshells” from Friday 25th to midnight this Sunday 28th September, and did I remember to write a blog about that momentous event? NO!!!!! 😦  Well I guess we are only half way through the price drop period, so it could be worse.

It’s available in the Kindle store for only

$ 0.99 / £ 0.77 / € 0.86

Walking over Eggshells

Just click on the links below

I have not blogged [don’t you just hate that word?] for a few days as I’ve been busy finishing the first draft of Book 3 – sadly no title yet [have you entered the competition?] .  To fully appreciate it, I would recommend reading my first memoir before you consider the second as it will tie up some stuff. Here is a sneak preview of the first paragraph.

I have decided that tomorrow, I am going to kill Caroline. I’d like to squash her flat under a road roller, or push her off the top of the Empire State Building, but I’ve never been there, and I suspect Health and Safety have got that securely enclosed. I could use a gun, a dagger, a knife or poison, but it’s all been done many times before.

Of course that might change, I will be going over it several times, but it’s still a work in progress of course. Now, if it’s my memoir, have I committed murder? I’m not telling you here 🙂

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