I am having a big problem deciding on a title for my next book. Why is it such a problem? Well it’s a memoir about my days working in the media and a large part of it describes the video shoots all round South Africa.

In Hollywood they ‘film’ movies, but for television and corporate functions you use a video camera and you ‘shoot.’ But if I use the word ‘shoot’ in the title and it’s about Africa then everyone will think I was out there with a gun killing animals. 😦

So I’m looking for a great title, one which will encourage people to buy.  The tag words I have in mind are

Africa    video   travel   camera   rural Africa   education

and anything else I can think of in the meantime!

The prize is a signed paperback copy of the new book delivered to your door PLUS an acknowledgement for the title in the book itself.

Closing date for entries is October 15th and you can pm your suggestions to me via my Facebook page or via my email

I will publish the winner’s name by 20th October.

11 thoughts on “Competition!

  1. I’m rubbish with these. Caught on camera? Africa on camera? On camera in Africa? My take on Africa? Wide angle lens on Africa? Africa through the view finder? Africa: The way I filmed it? My camera’s Africa?


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