If you had been a fly on the wall at lunch today you might have heard the following.
OH: I thought we had come to Spain to retire?
Me: Er, yes.
OH: I know you would always write, but this?
ME: Er, and what?
OH: All you can talk about are algorithms, marketing ploys, Facebook and Bookbub.
ME: Er, yes but I….
OH: It has become all consuming.
ME: Er, well you see it’s….
OH: Is this going to last long?
ME: Er, I do find it interesting…
OH: That’s perfectly obvious.
ME: And this morning I was reading up about Amazon’s new policy of their Unlimited scheme, and they say they will pay authors if subscribers read more than 10% of the book. Now how can they tell that? Does each book only slide out of the cloud a couple of percent at a time? How do they know you have not sneaked as far as 11 or 12%? Isn’t this really Big Brother watching? Don’t you think it’s a bit creepy?
And I’ve looked up the ratings for Amie today and I’m listed on Amazon.com now as well, at #36, don’t you think that’s good? It’s gone down in one rating for Dot.co.uk but up in two others. It’s getting quite exhausting as I’ve now got 3 FB pages to check, did I tell you I had set up one for Walking over Eggshells and another for Amie? Now I have to get lots of likes on each page, and I think that helps with the ratings as well. I’m not sure how that works exactly but….
OH: we need food in the house.
ME: Sorry, I’m getting quite carried away, it’s really exciting and I am learning so much. Yes, you’re right, let me just answer this post and……

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