She says I should have been quiet!

So last night and today, I have been putting the word out that I am going to publish tomorrow. I thought it a great idea! Let everyone know that Friday 18th July 2014 was the day I launch Amie – An African Adventure into the world. I added the following information about the book and a picture of the front cover.

Would you follow your partner and go and live in Africa? Out tomorrow on Kindle –
Amie – An African Adventure.
Amie was just an average girl, living in her home town close to friends and family. She was happily married and she had her future all planned out. They would have two adorable children, while she made award winning programmes for television.
Until the day her husband announced he was being sent to live and work in an African country she’d never heard of.
When she came to the notice of a Colonel in the Government, it made life very complicated, and from there things started to escalate from bad to worse.
If Amie could have seen that one day she would be totally lost, fighting for her life, and enduring untold horrors, she would never have stepped foot on that plane.

Now I do understand that if you do not advertise and promote, then your book will sink without a trace, very sad. So to maximize my chances, I am reading a book which in theory tells me how to do this [though to be honest, I don’t understand all of it, it can be very technical in places – though I have learned that an algorithm is something used by Amazon and does not feed off the ocean floor]. Then I got to the bit where she tells you to publish quietly, not tell anyone and get a few reviews in and then make a big loud fuss. Er, well, yes, it’s a bit late for that now isn’t it? Hmmmmmmm.
What is extra scary is, I hope I reemmber how to do it, I might be struggling until Saturday morning, or even further into the future trying to get it off the ground. Only time will tell.

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