The Good turn that went very wrong Part 5

I’ve just opened my blog – took me a while to find it again! – only to discover that the post I wrote on 12th January was still sitting there as a draft! So, now you can read two together!

I was distraught after the the death of Kojak, but worse was to come. A couple of days later, I noticed that Candy was sick. I think Candy was my favourite, partly because I was the only one to ride her and also because she had had a very difficult start in life. She’d been bred on a farm just outside Francistown by a typical old school farmer who treated animals as well, animals. She had been broken in, in a particularly cruel way and while she “did as she was told,” she was nervous and skittish and possibly quite dangerous.
When she first arrived at the stables I was handing her her bucket on the end of a broom! She snapped, threatened to lash out at anything close enough and she was off limits to all customers.
It took me several weeks just standing close to the stable and talking to her in a low, soothing, voice until, finally she calmed down and became part of the herd. If I’m honest, the presence of the other horses probably had more influence on her than I did.
Even though she was calmer, I did not trust her with any of the children unless she was being led by one of the stable hands.
But now she was sick, her stomach hugely distended and she was obviously in great distress. Once again I kept her on her feet and walked her round and round and round. I willed her not to die, but I was not hopeful.

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