Part 4

It must be a million years ago since I last blogged.  Still to finish my story of the Good Turn that went very Wrong.

All was quiet for a couple of weeks, then I arrived at the stables to find that Kojak one of the two horses we had brought from Gaborone was obviously ill. By this time I had acquired a copy of a veterinary handbook for idiots – just my level – and from what I could see, he was suffering from colic. I knew enough to try and keep him walking and I spent the whole day just trying to keep him on his feet.  He looked so unhappy and I felt so helpless. Both vets were out of town at the time, and there was no one to ask for help.

As night began to fall, I led him slowly and painfully back to his stable and leaving him plenty of water I went home.

The following morning he was dead. I was devastated and both the children and I cried our eyes out.   It sounds unfeeling I guess, but how I wish i had never left him in his stable, we had to break it apart to get him out, or rather the people I called had to do it.  Since it was a wooden structure we could repair it, but had it been made of stone……

although I could not imagine how Kojak could have developed cholic, since horses suffer from this after eating too much rich, green grass and there was a positive dearth of this in Botswana.  Could it have been an age thing, was he simple too old to survive much longer.  He had herded cattle from the Chobe area in the north west of the country down to the corned beef factory in Lobatse for many years.  He was the steadiest horse I had in the stable, elderly, reliable, safe and sensible.  Perfect for adults learning to ride and safe for the smallest little ones as long as they did not throw themselves to the ground.  I hoped that he advanced age was the cause of his death and that this was only disaster we would have.

How wrong could I be?

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