The Good Turn that went very wrong – Part 2

As I walked round to the back of the Land Cruiser it was to see Beehive hanging off the hunting seat head down having what I correctly saw as an epileptic fit.  The children were also having fits of their own, but purely in fright at seeing something strange and frightening . Having worked with many children suffering this condition I had an idea what to do.  I managed to lower him into the back bin and put him on his side in the recovery position.  When he had come round he was absolutely distraught.  He was terrified that I would fire him then and there.  How had he worked as one of the stable boys for over six months and this was the first indication I’d had that he was epileptic?   He’d been self medicating with medicine [the locals referred to it as muti] which he had obtained from the local witchdoctor or sangoma.  Previously 80% of his monthly income had gone straight into the sangoma’s pockets.  But like most services, inflation had caught up and now he could only afford enough muti to keep his fits under control for half the month.  I had the answer, but it was going to cost me dearly.  [Another cliff hanger in case you did not notice it].  More next time.

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